| Nyumbani.

Nyumbani is a comprehensive rental property management system

that provides complete control of rental spaces to owner and property managers.

Key features


Built online to allow for greater accessibility with real time data access and management from any location.

Invoicing & receipting.

Generate timely invoices and receipts sent to tenants via email or sms


Intuitive and interactive views and reports on vital rental and management information

Payment integration.

Receive payments via multiple channels including mobile and bank payments

Quick setup

Nyumbani platform provides an almost instant on-boarding process to a rental property establishment while ensuring seamless migration of data and procedures.


Dedicated technical support

Instant on-boarding

Onboarding via CSV uploads

Save time and money

Whether you have one door or ten thousand, Nyumbani offers one platform for all of your rental property management needs increasing effectiveness and efficiency while at the same time cutting down costs.


Switching to software can be tricky, but with our support available on all channels i.e telephone , email and chat,our dedicated team will make easy the process.


What is Nyumbani?

Nyumbani is a rental revenue management system (RMS).

What Platform does Nyumbani use?

It’s a web-based system integrated with Safaricom M-Pesa for payments as well as an SMS gateway for communication to both tenants and landlords.

Who can use Nyumbani?

Nyumbani can be used by rental property owners (landlords and landladies) and it can be used by rental agents to manage revenue collection and reconciliation.

How does Nyumbani Work?

When property owners or agents start using the Nyumbani platform, they will have their M-Pesa Pay bill number integrated into the system. Tenants will receive Rent Invoices via SMS at the end of every month and can then pay rent through their landlord’s/landlady’s Pay bill. Once payments are made, tenants will receive an SMS notification acknowledging receipt of their payment, which is also reflected on the property owner/agent Nyumbani system that automatically reconciles all receipts to verify that correct payments has been made by tenants.

We are closely working with several financial institutions to allow integration with their financial system, allowing tenants to make direct cash deposits, VISA payments, EFT to banks. These transactions will reflect and be reconciled on Nyumbani.

Do I need a Pay bill number to use Nyumbani?

Yes, for the first phase of Nyumbani the agent or property owner will be required to have a Safaricom Pay bill number or apply for one. Our business team can assist you in acquiring a Pay bill number from Safaricom and our technical team will ensure it’s integrated to your Nyumbani. Though, in the very near future we shall integrate
Nyumbani with several banks to allow tenants to pay their rent via cash deposits directly to the bank.

Will I have to buy this System?

No, just like your home, Nyumbani is completely free for property owners and agents. Though to insure the smooth running of your Nyumbani, we’ll charge a very small monthly fee to your tenants whenever they make their rental payments.

Is Nyumbani really for me?

Do you own or manage rental property? Even one unit? Then yes Nyumbani is definitely for you.

I would like to know more about Nyumbani, can I get a demo?

We would be more than happy to give you a demo of nyumbani and show you have it greatly improve your revenue collection and make your life much easier. Kindly get in touch with us through the following means below:

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